Parker School- Science Pavilion
1.  “Thyme” Cafe, situated just left of the patient check-in point, this gathering space offers patients and staff a relaxing respite, health amenities, and welcomes arrivals with an inviting energy of movement and chatter.                
2.  This open-layout seating area provides waiting patients with a vantage point from which to watch the bustle of the different branches stemming from this space.        
 3.  A private patient/staff conference room provides a comfortable and inviting space for practitioners to talk to patients and the family.   
4. Bar-height workstations provide an opportunity for peer-to-per engagement.    
5.  Grouped gym equipment gives patients a chance to connect with one another.  
 6. A family waiting area conveniently sits adjacent to the lobby stairs and elevator, closed off from the rest of the facility, this area gives family and friends a quiet, sunlight space to wait for their loved ones.                
7.   A large corridor, acting as the central axis, doubles as seating and a place for patients to engage with one another as they hang articles of clothing and change their shoes in preparation for exercise. 
8.    Cove-space seating lends an opportunity for clients and staff to converse and relax, with a feeling of being separated from the office, while maintaining an open layout.           
9.   A community gathering space provides clients, staff and guests the opportunity to meet during off-hours for support meetings and workshops.     
10.  “Thyme” Cafe upstairs is a convenient stop for administrative staff and patients visiting the second floor suites.        
11.   Comfortable waiting nooks for patients being seen in the upstairs suites and supporting