Why Emotional Intelligence matters…

Emotional awareness, including the ability to identify your own emotions and those of others, is essential in design and culture.  Everyone reacts to an environment, whether it be to the space or the people in it, we are constantly evaluating our circumstances and making hundreds of decisions based upon how we feel.

If we are an employee, those decisions might be to work harder or to blow off our tasks, based on how we feel.  If we are consumers, those decisions are whether or not to purchase a good or service, based upon how we feel.  Imagine how much of an impact we can have on building a culture, a brand, or a space, if we were able to harness the power of emotions?

Intrinsic Motivators vs. Extrinsic Motivators
We are all motivated by a range of desires such as security, comfort, purpose, and inclusion.  Identifying what motivates an audience for a particular project is the first step in creating a thoughtful environment.  A designed solution which addresses these questions will be successful every time.