Biophilia & Staging for impact...

Why adding greenery has such a strong impact.

 ​Why do I suggest adding biophilic elements in the staged home?  Because at the root of staging, there is one ultimate goal:  Sell the home quicker and at maximum value.  Just like in any economy, this means understanding the buyer.  This isn't about trickery, or bait.  This is about being aware of where the buyer struggles, so that we can eliminate hurdles for them in their decision making, which, statistics show: home buying & selling can be one of the most stressful times in a person's life.

What I have come to know as a designer is that most people don't have the ability to imagine a three-dimensional space in their minds, which means that home buyers often struggle with picturing what a house would look like if they were to move all their stuff in.  Staging takes care of that part, and adding natural elements takes it one step further, it adds actual life into the space.  It moves from envisioning not just one's belongings, but one's life into the space, letting them see how the house can start to feel like a home.  Creating an emotional connection with the space for the buyer can ease up the stress-level in decision making, and result in faster turn around time for the sale.
The term "biophilia" means "love of life or living systems."  Adding biophilic elements to a project has been a method for designers for a long time, however the psychological and physical effects of using natural elements in design has really grown since the "green" movement started in the last twenty years.  The term is often misinterpreted as simply adding natural elements such as plants into a space, but the idea behind biophilia is actually how natural systems can be emulated in a space, in a product, or project. 

An great example of this is lighting.  Many lighting manufacturers are taking into account the human's biological relationship to not only the type of light that is mimicked in natural lighting, but now they are starting to understand the rhythm of light (the way the sun moves across the sky creating nuanced glares and shadows throughout the day), and its effect on the body's circadian rhythm.  What this means for us, is that by incorporating a biophilic system in a space, we can increase overall health and well-being.
by Lacy O'Brien

About The Author

O'Brien is the owner and proprietor of Studio eIQ, operating her design firm since 2013.  To stay up to date, join her mailing list .  And to join a community of real estate agents looking for tips on staging, join her facebook group !

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